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  • CellaCast PT

    Portable pyrometer to measure molten metals

    The mobile pyrometer CellaCast PT 180 is specifically developed for temperature measurement of liquid metals. It is used to monitor the temperature at the runner of a blast furnace, cupola furnace or at continuous casting machines. The peculiarity of the CellaCast PT 180 is the high-resolution optics, and thus a small measuring field. This allows a reliable measurement even from a distance of 30 m.



    • Non-contact, non-wearing temperature measurement of molten metal from a safe distance
    • Range: 750 – 2400 °C
    • Special filter captures IR radiation from surfaces free of slag and oxides
    • ATD automatically identifies the target and detects its temperature
    • Dual wavelength technique provides accurate data despite dust or steam in the sight path 
    • Parallax-free imaging with diopter compensation 
    • Traffic light status indicator in the viewfinder shows when distance to target is ideal