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  • CellaPort PT Series

    Industrial portable pyrometers include through-the-lens sighting or laser target marker and USB Interface. The right pyrometer for every Industrial applications.

    CellaPort PT 110 is a digital pyrometer for detecting temperatures of primarily non-metal objects in a range from 0 to 1000 °C. The wide-range temperature sensor provides versatility for a variety of applications. The target can be focused by through-the-lens sighting. The pyrometer features a rear panel display and keypad. The bright 4-digit LED display is well visible from a distance. In the normal operating mode the display indicates the current temperature reading. The display will also show parameter adjustments made using the keypad.


    • Range:  0 to 1000 °C
    • Focusable, interchangeable optics allow for precise distance adjustment 
    • Precision lenses with broadband antireflection coating
    • LED display is easy to read from a distance
    • USB interface